Reset: Rewind

I’ve always been a bit of late bloomer; preferring to take my time rather than to win the race, slow and steady, at my pace.  My  earliest childhood memories are emblematic of the presence of the  creative muse. I  always  attempted to rouse the  creative muse within my friends to join in with my very home made productions.  I’ve always been drawn  to somehow dabble within the creative medium it (whatever it is that drives me)  continues to be something that I need to pursue to a certain extent within this…life.

Several years ago when it was time to choose my future as if I was to go to the mall and choose a life off of the shelf, while in the process of choice I think it was in an art class that we were taken to the Ontario College of Art & Design (OCAD Unversity) and I was inspired by the sheer expression of creativity which existed. I entertained the idea of becoming an artist in some way shape or form for about a millisecond before being encouraged which seemed at the time to be a  much more sensible choice and I was directed more so into  the general arts stream as opposed to the fine arts category at University.

The ‘stable’ life to that of the life of the artist.

While I have thoroughly enjoyed my academic career in all respects to the many things I learned, I found something was missing.  When I launched this creative space (blog) I was really super excited (still am) about the new world of possibility of untapped creative potential was there just off beyond reach.  I quickly found that my previous blogging platform ‘Blogger’ didn’t feel right for me, it didn’t feel like home.  In part because I may have been using the wrong platform for myself I thought Oh well blogging must not be for me.  Somewhere within this time frame I became really intimated. There are so many talented individuals out there.  I thought what else could I contribute  that isn’t already out there.

I stopped posting.  I figured I didn’t need to add to all the noise.  Recently, I came across ‘The War of Art’ by Steven Pressfield (I’m a big believer in the idea that the right books will find you at the right moments in your life) and found it to be exactly what I needed to re-discover my creative bug and make a valiant attempt at letting that part of myself to be openly expressed.

So here we go again kids, here’s my second attempt at this blogging thing, at worst you can watch in amusement at my struggles and stumbles within this creative medium.

All my love,



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