Good Morning Orchid!: Mid-Week Inspiration

 Good Morning Handsome & Beautiful,
I woke up this morning to find my orchid, which has been surely but steadily growing buds for the past several weeks was in full bloom *fingers crossed*  In all honesty I was thisclose to re-potting it, Orchid’s roots look it its gonna get ‘cha…Albeit at an incredibly slow and measured pace.  I feel for my orchid friend.  Here it is all feeling good about itself and it doesn’t have enough room to keep all its roots inside the pot.
Alas, all of the sites or the information which I have been able to get my hands on has all “strongly suggested” that it not be re-potted until it is fully done is bloom cycle, or in this case re-bloom cycle.  So if it has nine buds and the first two bloomed…and the the buds are all different sizes, the only thing to think is that I hope my orchid friend holds out for that long…but it must be happy I mean its re-blooming right?
The last time it was in bloom was eight months ago, so its kinda the last thing I’d really expected it to do though I kept watering it, not icing it (maybe that’s the key) to these ice orchids.  The urban myth about orchids or all of the “talk” is that they’re really super difficult to grow?  Is there any truth in that I wonder. 
1.Good Morning Handsome Mug 2. Ice Orchid 3. Good Morning Beautiful Mug 4. Revlon ColourBurst Lipgloss
Not being a morning person, the mugs ‘Good Morning Handsome‘  and ‘Good Morning Beautiful‘ would certainly not make me one of those I’m so happy to be alive on this glorious morning!!! types but I certainly think they would encourage and inspire me to start the day, with perhaps a little bit more pep in my step.  But then again I am writing this post coffee, so maybe is coffee which really deserves the credit.
After coffee, sometimes tea, depending on my mood, given enough liquid courage (coffee/tea not alcohol, just to be clear) I will put on my ‘war paint’.  As of late that has included ‘Revlon’s ColorBurst Lipgloss‘ in Papaya, which was either discontinued or limited edition, so you can imagine how excited I was I discovered these in my mail box.  Ebay is a wonderful treasure trove where wonderful beings live who have access to things that a supposedly discontinued (they’re like squirrels for the winter, though in this case men named Stephen. You should pay him a visit on Ebay, I’m sure he’d super appreciate it. 
 As I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, I have a bit of an interest in things made of clay as of late, which was addressed in this post here. 
In an effort to ensure I do not further amass more mugs, please save me from myself and pick up the above mentioned mugs, both of them in whichever combination you choose, swipe on some Papaya Lipgloss and perhaps try your hand at taking care of an ice orchid, if you’d like.  Hope to see you on the other side of mid-week.

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