Flamingo Sorbet!: Mid-Week Inspiration

 No, you didn’t misread the title, it does say Flamingo Sorbet! I sincerely apologize for all of the horrific images your brain may have or may be at this very moment creating and ultimately presenting to you as your mind attempts to make logical sense of the title, it can’t can it? 

The title of this week’s mid-week inspiration collage was inspired by image of the flamingos in snow. From there I simply let my imagination guide the way. 

 * 1. Adorableness 2. & 5. Dress, Cut Colour. 3. Art, Architecture, Photography 4. & 6. For the home

The result is a mixture of sometimes  ostentatious pairings of colour, cold and patten which creates a mood which is cooling yet uplifting and cheerful. After all, who can honestly say that they don’t need a pick-me-up mid-week?


*All Pins curated by MWiktoria via ‘Pinterest’, all rights to the images apply to their respective owners.

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