Baby It’s Cold Outside

Gizzy: “Are you ready for this?” Me: “Yeah I’m ready!…I’m not ready, I’m not ready, I’m not ready!”

This  was my response to the ‘blowing snow’, that I had found myself  slowing moving through, on a freezing Monday night in January through   two sets of glass doors, steadily moving away from the warmth and comfort of the indoors to venturing into the cold abyss after a watching the weather wreaking havoc outside of the window all day.  It was early evening, and it was necessary to leave in order to at least try and make it home in one piece.

At a pace of…well, that no way would’ve, could’ve or should’ve outpaced a snail, we made our way precariously through a wintery like sandstorm of epic proportions. 

While we drove at a crawl, well, she drove,  I tried to look out for potential dangers which may befallen us, the mild winters of Southern Ontario to which I would daresay we had all become accustomed, were a distant memory. In case you were wondering, we made it…or did we?

[insert dramatic suspenseful music].

Living in Canada, it seems that to individuals abroad, there is a prevalent stereotype  that all Canadians are accustomed to living in Igloos, frolicking with polar bears and “Eskimo” kissing.  Granted Canada is a vast expanse of land, for the most part the regions which are the coldest are often not inhabited with the majority of the Canadian population is located in the southern most geographical region(s).  Meaning most of us live very similarily to residents of the United States of let’s say for point of reference, New York City.
The weather we’re used to…is well, for the past five to six years has been…the poor man’s winter, as opposed to the winter wonderland one might envision when daydreaming of winter Canadian style. This year, was the year that winter decided to sucker punch North America with its full force of cold weather.  It seemed that everyone in some way shape or form experienced changing weather pattens of the dramatic kind.  Poking around the internet a teeny-tiny bit, suggests that the dramatic change in temperature earlier this week had to do something to do with the shifting jet-stream? Global warming? Polar shift? 

I’m sure there are perfectly reasonable scientific explanations, theories and conspiracies for global shifting weather patterns.  My body decided to go into survival mode.  With the drop in temperature, I cursed modern day grooming habits and the evolutionary lack of fur present upon my human form, I put on the heat as high as it would go dressed in layers and enviously watched Lily the cat frolic in her unabashed fur covered nakedness. This would be a good point at which to mention, that I do not generate my own body heat, I steal everyone else’s.

As The weather moved away from the aesthetic of weather representative of a winter wonderland, and had become representative of a ‘deep freeze’, I went into survival mode.  Yet instead of hoarding, akin to Macaques relaxing within the hot-springs, the mission which I had bestowed upon myself was one of finding that same warming relaxation.  I found that in my need to escape the cold I was drawn to items which I believe are representative of comfort, warmth and in a very modern and digital sense I took to the internet. I found was that I was drawn to layers, knit textures, warming beverages and sweet indulgences.

1. Macaque in Japanese hot spring.  Here. 2. Pine trees. Here 3.  Knit layering. Here 4. Morning Coffee. Here 5. Strawberry Smores or one’s of your choosing. Here 6. Icelandic Sweater Here 7. Mexican Hot Chocolate Here 8. Fair-isle chevrons cowel Here 9. Inspirational fire-side. 10. Bedded Bliss. Here 11. Embracing the Cold. Here

The things that I found drawn to were the things that I found that I, for the most part, sought protection against the cold.  Warming, comforting and indulgent.  All of these little bits and pieces I believed would help me stave off the sometimes harsh cold. At least for a time.  As I became accustomed to the idea of potentially being thrown into another ice age, I also found that I slowly came to embrace the cold.  Some of the images above harken to this change in attitude towards the cold.  If anything, the ostentatious change in weather patterns of the January cold reminded me of the tremendous impact weather has upon all of us.

The temperature drop also reminded me how fortunate most of us are to be able to have access to all of little indulgences in order to help us through months of cold.  One of the indulgences which always helps to remind me of the beauty of the cold is the song ‘Olsen Olsen’ by the Icelandic band Sigur Rós.

Finally, these are just my thoughts on the cold.  I would be curious to know how you handle the cold.  Do you embrace its bite, or do you attempt to create a nest of warmth and relaxation?





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